Prep Work

Welcome to our first blog post. We built this website as a way for people to know what’s happening with our project. Parents and guardians of participants in the free cooking camp will find a link to enroll their child in the camp (see the “Sign Up!” tab). Each week, we’ll post updates on the progress of the free camp and some personal reflections on our experiences. We’ll also be sharing photos and comments from our campers throughout the four weeks of the camp to let everyone who is interested know what’s been happening in the garden and with the project.

Since we first started talking in January about the idea that the two of us could teach kids how to use fresh food to make healthy, delicious recipes, we’ve come a long way. After we secured permission from Old First Presbyterian Church and the board of Four Seasons City Farm to conduct the camp under their auspices, we received initial funding (and affirmation!) from a grant from Ohio State’s Undergraduate Student Government. It’s important to us that the ingredients in our recipes feature what is in season in the garden, but Lucky’s, a grocery store in Clintonville, graciously stepped forward to help us purchase food items (like dairy products or dried spices) that cannot be sourced from the garden. Other grocery stores like Whole Foods and Earth Fare have also contributed to the camp’s pantry. Recently, we asked Central Community House and the Transit Arts program that is run there to allow us to advertise to the people they serve. This camp will be free for the kids who attend, and we could not have made that possible without the support of our community partners.

We’ve spent a lot of time developing and revising the recipes that we will use in the free camp. We want to make sure they’re well-balanced, but also accessible to the kids that will eat them. We’re providing each participant with a notebook to use as a recipe journal. In the most recent weeks, we’ve also been working to become more familiar with the New Freedom Garden, one of the 14 plots that Four Seasons City Farms runs throughout the city. Together with members of the community that spend time in and around the garden, we’ve planted seeds that will produce fruits and vegetables that we will be able to use in the camp. We’re thrilled that this project is getting off the ground–or rather, growing up from the ground.

Quinn and Shannon

Image via Shutterstock


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