Thank you

Funding for the Summer Chefs project is provided by The Ohio State University Undergraduate Student Government Academic Enrichment Grant. These grants recognize that the academic experience is not limited to the classroom and are awarded through a competitive application process.

We are very grateful to Lucky’s Market, Whole Foods, and Earth Fare for providing access to food items that could not be sourced from the garden. Without the support of these community partners, we could not use the products of the garden to their full potential and could not share the joy of cooking and eating well with Columbus children. 

A special thank you to Central Community House for providing community outreach support. CCH, a Columbus organization serving an area in which nearly half of all households live below the Federal Poverty Line, provides neighborhood youth, families, and older adults with personal development activities, resources that strengthen families, and social support for seniors.

We would also like to thank Student Legal Services at The Ohio State University for providing legal advice.

Finally, this project would not be successful without the support of Old First Presbyterian ChurchThey were gracious enough to allow us to use the church’s kitchen facilities and have been incredibly flexible and accommodating of the Summer Chefs project.